ESIC- The Employee’s State Insurance Corporation invites applications for conceptual architectural design of a new 350-bed hospital which is upgradable to 500 beds at Sanad, Gujrat from individual Undergraduate/Postgraduate students of Architecture studying in recognized colleges of architecture.

The detailed scheme of the competition such as general guidelines, functional flow patterns, facility-wise requirements, and indicative areas for different facilities in the 500-bed hospital is mentioned below.

How to Submit-

Submission would be required to be submitted in an A2 size sheet in PDF format by using the web link of the official website mentioned below.

The web link for uploading submissions in the prescribed proforma would be enabled on 17/10/2022 and would be open until 27/11/2022 at 12 PM. Each participant would be entitled to upload only one submission of each competition.

Prize List-

There will be one first prize of Rs. 1 lakh, One-second prize of Rs 50,000, and one-third prize of Rs 25,000.

Guidelines and area requirements-

1. Footfall in ESI hospital which is expected OPD attendance in a 500-bed hospital would be around 3000 per day.

2. Conducting DNB courses for above 200 bedded hospitals (Post Graduation).

3. BIS norms for each specialty and IPHS general norms for approximate area allocation.

4. Circulation area would be in the range of 20-40% of the total area.

Judging Procedure-

1. The decision of ESIC Committee members for judging shall be final.

2. There will be one first prize of Rs. 1 lakh, the one-second prize of Rs. 50,000 there would be 03 consolation prizes of Rs 25,000/ each with citation.

3. All entries will be entirely the property of ESIC. ESIC reserves the right to use these concept designs for work related to the construction of the 350-bed hospital which is upgradable to 500 beds in part or full, without assigning any explanation to the participants.


One undertaking should is required to be given by the participant student as follows-

“ I solemnly declare that the design concept of the 350 bedded ESIC Hospital at Sanad is my original and creative work. I hereby agree with the terms and conditions of the design competition and understand that the said design concept may be used by ESIC either partly or fully. I undertake not to make any claim in this regard.”



General Guidelines-

1. There should be a sufficient waiting area with public utilities near different facilities of the hospital.

2. Proper lighting with Cross ventilation should be provided.

3. Air Conditioning to be provided in areas like OT Complex, ICU, Nursery, Labour Room Complex, NICU, PICU, Emergency Block, Lab, Pharmacy, Store, Mortuary, and Administrative block. It is preferred to provide AC in the OPD block keeping in view the heavy footfall in ESIC Hospitals.

4. Hospitals should be disabled-friendly.

5. Flooring in the hospital should be non-slippery.

6. Each floor to have a Male/Female Change Room with Lockers and Toilets.

7. Crèche to be provided.

8. Canteen with an attendant lounge with Public Address System preferably away from the main building should be provided.

9. Sufficient lifts should be provided in a multistory building with the provision of a trolley bed lift.

10. While considering internal circulation the internal traffic should remain orderly and there should not be any undue crisscrossing of the patients, staff, supplies, and visitors.

11. Planning for ramps for trolley traffic must also be considered in addition to the stairs.

12. X-Ray, CT scans, MRI, and other imaging rooms should be compliant with AERB and PC-PNDT guidelines.

13. Blood banks should be compliant with NACO guidelines.

14. Safety of patients and staff should be considered while planning the hospital building. The latest fire safety norms are extremely important.

15. There should be proper telephone lines (intercom) for easy communication.

16. There should be facilities for internet and computer for working in the ESIC Dhanwantri Module at each workstation by LAN networking.





What is the full form of ESIC?

The full form of ESIC is Employees’ State Insurance Corporation under the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

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